The Greatness That is Within - A Journal for My Sisters!

$ 20.00

The start of the year is traditionally when people set goals for the year, be we know that EVERY day is a chance for new beginnings!  Our new journal, The Greatness That is Within, can be started at the beginning of the year or at any time you decide to move in a direction inspired by your heart towards greatness! 

But it is hard to know where you want to go, unless you have a game plan!  The Greatness That is Within is a journal designed as a practical guide to help you to establish and then meet your goals for the year.  We realize that people are often busy, so this journal is designed to help you develop your goals and then revisit and adjust them twice a month!

What's special about The Greatness That is Within is that we have designed the journal for you to support and get the support of those people who are important to your life.  Those who are willing to invest in YOUR journey as you invest in theirs.  Get two copies of The Greatness That is Within and share one with someone who is special to your life - a sister, a spouse or a parent.

Get centered.  Get balance.  Get on track.  Achieve your goals!


Take a Peak Inside!